About us


What is ROTSA?

Romanian Tech Startups Association is a non-profit, apolitical and non-governmental organization. We are an umbrella organization that aims to promote, support and represent the interests of tech startups in Romania.
ROTSA brings together the main actors of the national ecosystem of tech startups, facilitating their communication and creating connections and partnerships between them.

ROTSA Vision

We are launching an invitation to create a sustainable national framework for the development and growth of the Tech Startups ecosystem.

Our vision is to develop and support the ecosystem of tech startups, being at the same time a connector of its main actors and a link with international ecosystems.

A powerful engine, a unified voice of Technology Startups in Romania built on practical education programs, transparency, mutual trust, collaboration and knowledge sharing.


  • Promoting the professional, economic and social interests of Tech Startups in Romania;
  • Promoting Tech Startups in Romania at the European level by affiliating to European networks and partnerships;
  • Development of a tested incubation model that can be replicated locally;
  • Facilitating connections between Tech Startups and funding entities;
  • Development of open-source methodologies (frameworks);
  • Developing a constant pipeline of tech startups;
  • Facilitating communication and creating a better connection between national startup ecosystem actors;
  • Representation of technology startups in relation to stakeholders who have a relevant role in their growth.


The challenges startups are facing are different to the ones large corporations go through. To overcome them, collaboration, coordination and an open and cohesiave dialogue among all actors is key.

What brings us together is our drive to overcome these challenges and then take on even bigger ones.
We are a team of dreamers, founders, with successes and failures. And this is our way to give back. Through this process, we want to encourage others to do the same.


Team Members

Cristiana Bogățeanu

Executive Director

Marian Rusu

Marketing & Communication Director

Deghe Răzvan

Junior Project Manager

Silvia Ursu

Partnership & Funding Advisor

Ionela Lazăr

Junior Project Manager

Lavinia Cobrea

Grants Coordinator

Florin Pop

Business Investors Relations Coordinator

Dragos Nicolaescu

Education Programmes Expert

Cristian Dascalu

Strategy Advisor & Chairman

Ana-Cristina Țoncu

Regional Growth Senior Advisor

Tudor Pasc

Operations and Financial Manager

Ana Țiboc

Junior Project Manager

Maria Mitrea

Junior Project Manager


We are always looking for people who share our values ​​and vision, and who believe in the value of our work.

If you want to join ROTSA or support our work, you can contact us through the form on the right.